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10 reasons a netbook is better than an ipad


I have to admit , the ipad has a "cool factor" .    I don't know of anyone that has one that does not like it , , , only die hard PC users tend to not get excited about it.   Even one of our Experts, Ken Getz, is a MAC user and if he doesn't have an ipad likely will get one (Ken, you should weigh in on this one) .

This blog is done for all you ipad users to let you know that the ipad isn't that cool, that the netbook actually rules. . . it is also done for you "non-ipaddies" that need some encouragement to not drink the ipad kool-aid, also may help you non-ipad people build up your self esteem when you aren't holding a cool ipad.    I read an article that identifies the 10 reasons the netbook is better than an ipad and the link to it is below . 

How many of you are ipad users?    Do any of you that have one dislike it?   Why?




KenG said:

Why not argue that cats are better than dogs? It's about as useful an argument. For me, there's no issue: I don't need a netbook. If I need to work, I carry a real laptop. On the other hand, if I'm traveling and all I need is to check and compose email, surf the web, look up information, watch videos, and read books, the iPad is perfect. And actually, I bought it for a single purpose, for which is excels: I filled it with gigabytes of scanned piano music, plop it on the piano, and use it as a library of piano music that I don't have to print. It works perfectly. For me, I couldn't possibly be happier that my second "computer" is an iPad. I'll be traveling with just the iPad when possible (at TechEd, they told speakers we had to bring laptops for demos, although they ended up having demo machines in every room after all.) There's no perfect "second" computer for anyone. No professional person can live with just a netbook, I don't think, unless they don't have to create content. So for a second computer, if you need WIndows, get a netbook. If you can live with the tradeoffs of an iPad (and I definitely can), then get that. But to say one is better than the other is just stupid. Sorry.

# June 9, 2010 7:31 PM

KenG said:

Oh, and I've talked with at least 10 PC folks (developers) who had iPads for travel, and not a one has had a single negative thing to say. Every person I spoke with about it recently is positive. And I saw hundreds of them floating around at TechEd, among attendees. So, believe what you want, but different computers work for different people.

# June 9, 2010 7:32 PM

CraigJ said:

OK, lets argue about whether cats are better than dogs. . . when did a cat ever fetch something for you, or retrieve your wild game if you are a hunter, , , and what about those hairballs, and how good is a cat at being a "watchdog" ?

I do think ipads have a cool factor and agree with you that you can't have just one computer.   I have a laptop, a netbook, a kindle (although not really a computer I guess), a zune, a desktop but <drumroll ......................... no ipad>

I need a keyboard and can't deal with a touch screen keyboard , , , and I enjoy reading books outside.   How is the ipad in full sun?   The ipad could double up as a mosquito swatter so there is a useful purpose.

# June 10, 2010 9:47 AM

MTUO1000_0003 said:

Here is my issue with the iPad. It's made by Apple.

I have a difficult time supporting a company that favors form over function and charges a premium for it.

I have a problem with companies that vehemently deny any issue with their product, where they stoop to such tactics as deleting posts from their forums rather than addressing the issue.

I don't like companies that sell closed proprietary systems, that ultimately have more control of the product I purchased than I do myself.

Its the arrogance and outright fabrications of Apple that really draw the line with me however.

As long as Apple keeps its current business approach, I'll not be buying any of their products. What I find strange is that there are so many people who do.

# July 27, 2010 11:49 AM